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Status and opportunities of China's curved surface printing industry

Status and opportunities of China's curved surface printing industry

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2019/08/29 16:40
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1. Excessive reliance on manual operations
Curved surface printing depends on manual operations in chromaticity, pressure adjustment, feeding, sampling and other links. In the inorganic long time, the printing machine is basically in a paralyzed state. In the absence of templates and follow-up, the captain of the printing press adjusts the amount of ink according to his preferences and experience. The quality of the print is largely determined by the level of the captain. Even if some pilots have experience, due to academic qualifications, vision and other constraints, the professional knowledge is narrow and the technology update is slow. Professional high-skilled printers are hard to find.
2. The ink supplies are complicated to match, and the printing quality and cost are difficult to control
The density, fineness, viscosity, fluidity, saturation, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance of different inks are also different. It is proportioned with the thinner, matched with the properties of the material, with pigments, linking materials, fillers The ratio of additional materials is ever-changing. The difficulty in grasping this variability has caused serious waste of consumables such as ink and blankets, which has greatly increased printing costs. Most of the inks on the market today have a viscosity of 13TV, while curved printing only requires a viscosity of 18TV. This special ink without curved printing is likely to cause blurred printed images, different ink colors, and bubbles or indentations on printed stripes Wait for quality problems.
3. Occupational diseases are frequent and the loss of skilled workers is serious
High-frequency contact with ink in the printing industry, harmful gases such as alcohol compounds, formaldehyde, phenol and other organic solvents in the ink enter the body through the respiratory tract and skin of workers, causing a variety of respiratory diseases and occupational poisoning. Ultraviolet rays released by the curing system during the start-up process can irritate the human eye, and long-term exposure may cause damage to the eye membrane and loss of vision. Therefore, it is not easy for printing workers to work for more than five years. High occupational hazards allow printing technicians to choose short-term jobs or simply switch careers, causing serious brain drain and difficult recruitment problems for enterprises.
4. Low production efficiency The equipment structure lacks professional customization
Consumable waste is serious, manual operation is slow, and high defective rate leads to low production efficiency. The equipment structure of the curved printing machine is extensive, and there is no one-to-one creative design of the equipment structure for certain types of printed products. When printing, the printed products need to accommodate the equipment.
5. Restricted by international monopoly, high-quality curved printing equipment is expensive to produce
Flexographic printing has developed to a mature stage in European and American countries, and China's flexographic printing has only started in recent years. Therefore, China's flexographic printing materials and plate-making equipment rely heavily on imports, high prices and monopoly after-sales service To a certain extent, it restricts the popularization and promotion of flexo printing in the Chinese market.
6. Increased national supervision and control The curved printing industry faces stricter regulations
In 2010, the printing industry was included in the scope of "developing prevention and control of volatile organic compound pollution", and relevant functional departments implemented stricter standards on the parts of the printing process that did not meet environmental protection requirements. In particular, based on the "Ten Waters" and "Atmosphere Tens", we focused on the supervision of water and volatile organic compound pollution treatment. VOCs sewage charges are pushing the printing environment governance to a substantial new stage, and the development of Quyin is facing stricter regulations.
7. High-quality curved surface printing
The development of traditional curved surface printing has matured, and the emerging green printing flexo printing is just beginning. China's music printing industry already has the ability to meet the diversified and comprehensive needs of the international market. In the next three years, the demand for domestic flexographic printing machines will expand rapidly. In addition to the demand for ink accessories, China's overall flexographic printing equipment will exceed 100 million in market demand. China will become a veritable and important global manufacturing base for flexographic printing machines.
Esko's one-stop curved printing solution allows you to have a perfect printed product
Exclusive customized intelligent equipment Reduce manpower dependence and greatly increase production capacity
Exclusive customized intelligent equipment Reduce manpower dependence and greatly increase production capacity
1. Automatic feeding, automatic flame or corona surface treatment
2. Intelligent online detection. When there is no printed product or multiple printed products, the printing cylinder is automatically separated and the alarm is stopped to detect
3. Intelligent visual inspection to remove unqualified prints
4. Automatic ink supply device
5. Automatic cleaning of color station and ink set
Multiple printing links have replaced manual operations with machines to achieve the lowest manual dependence and reduce downtime, which not only improves product quality, greatly improves production efficiency, but also minimizes occupational hazards. Esko can also customize its own high-quality curved printing machine according to the different needs of customers.
Professional ink supplies matching to ensure stable quality and perfect effect presentation
Based on advanced curved printing equipment, supplemented by a blanket with moderate hardness, small compression deformation, good ink transfer performance, small elongation, and thickness deviation of less than ± 0.025mm, then it is equipped with excellent hue, strong tinting strength, light resistance The high-performance and complete range of special printing inks, under the superb technology operation, ensure the perfect presentation of quality and effect.
Free technical guidance service for life
Esko not only teaches people to fish, but also teaches people to fish. The senior professional technicians who can determine the actual root of the printing problem through physical or live conditions can provide you with system usage and maintenance technical training, color matching technical guidance, and large database establishment guidance to create a group of professional technical personnel for you. A complete technical resource library escorts high-quality printed products.
Provide free product image design solutions, equipped with a professional designer team
Esko has an experienced team of professional designers. The designers will design a suitable and personalized product image according to the different materials, structural differences, shape characteristics, and size requirements of the printed products, combined with the customer's brand culture. , Let you have a unique visual enjoyment.
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