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ISGO printing technology

Guangdong Shunde ISGO Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, the manufacturing base of China. It is a comprehensive technology company specializing in the manufacturing of mechanical equipment (especially in the special process of curved surface printing), the development, production and sales of environmental protection printing consumables, and providing the overall solution of curved surface printing. Our integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry.
The company has experienced key technical developers, who are proficient in the development and design of mechanical manufacturing, with strict and standardized product development process, introducing domestic and foreign technology and production equipment, taking environmental protection, energy saving and digitalization as the guide, and successfully customized and developed a number of high-performance and personalized printing machinery and equipment for customers. He has successful experience in improving printing solutions and solving printing problems for Sinopec, Nestle, Coca Cola and McDonald's.
Professional sales of a number of professional ink consumables, according to the needs of different customers and the performance of the printing machinery, matching the corresponding ink consumables, the best matching, can maximize the quality of printing products to improve, to ensure the excellent products.
At the same time, we provide customers with free exclusive brand image design promotion scheme and lifelong technical guidance. According to the needs of customers to provide professional product design, on the basis of the plan to carry out careful and accurate printing parameters adjustment, so as to achieve the optimization of finished printing. We have successfully provided pattern design and printing services for 58 ° C, Yuke and other 

Company Profile

large chain milk tea brands. Once we buy the equipment, we will provide lifelong technical guidance, so that customers can no longer worry about it.
We not only focus on the innovation of printing technology, but also pay attention to the development of the industry and social ecology and environmental protection, and make unremitting efforts to establish China curved surface printing elite Association and practice green environmental protection printing.
Excellence comes from the study and innovation of technology, and excellence comes from the responsibility for the industry and society. Asico technology is committed to promoting the development of China's Quyin industry and providing professional and high-quality Quyin services for all walks of life.

Build a professional and innovative team. Create maximum value for customers, employees and shareholders.

Our mission

Become an integrated supplier in the printing industry.Push the printing industry into the era of green and environmental protection.

ISGO spirit

Happy service, customer satisfaction; innovation and pragmatism, keep improving; words and deeds will bear fruit, dare to be responsible.

Our core values

Stable unity, sunshine, integrity and

win-win situation

Vision of ISGO


The company was founded in Shunde District, Foshan City, with its own requirements, professional matching and special ink.


Yiyisheng trading company is mainly engaged in international trade.

Service to customers, new packaging graphic design business.



Customer demand, the first printing machine of silicone rubber in flexographic printing industry has been successfully produced.


1.14 Shenzhen Qianhai listed the New Fourth Edition.


Personalized customization, easy can machine, the second generation of new hose equipment was born.

There is a better development, expand the site and move to Anfu third street.


To find the pain point in the printing industry, we have an overall flexographic printing solution. Guangdong Shunde ISGO Technology Co., Ltd. was established.


Guangdong Shunde asico Technology Co., Ltd. completed the share reform.



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Corporate Honor




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